"Nemi has worked alongside THTC at several festivals, sometimes collaborating with charities. She has always been extremely professional, great value and very engaging with clients. She is always smiley and happy, prompt and her work is fantastic. Nemi is always one of our first choices for artistic collaborations"

Gav Lawson, Founder & Creative Director of THTC



I am a freelance multi-disciplinary artist and designer based in Kent and London. I have a passion for the creative arts, nature, and also am wildly fascinated by ancient Greek mathematics, mechanical engineering, physics, philosophy and permaculture. I graduated from Goldsmiths University in 2014 with a high 2:1 in BA DESIGN, for which my final major project involved autism, human connection and the Golden Ratio. I grew up all over the world due to my father’s career in lighting design, and as a result am open-minded, imaginative and have been exposed to many different cultures. I am fluent in French and started a business when I was 18, which is still going strong today. I’m highly adaptable, self-motivated, driven and I work well in a team. I’m creative, passionate, spiritual and enjoy a sense of humour (thank god!). I'm currently finishing a Diploma in Engineering Fabrication and Welding Technology. Since graduating I've started a charity, learnt to perform, hosted events, designed and delivered workshops, taught music to a school of autistic boys, developed my art work to an international street art level, travelled a lot and had a lot of fun. My focus right now is on street art, and building the charity Heart Recreation into a platform that encompasses all that I love, making fun stuff happen for a good cause. I feel that as a designer and a human being we all have a responsibility to make choices that not only create moral ripples in this world, but also choices that empower organisations who take moral actions in their work ethic and entire process. I'd love to hear from you.